Most of the world's energy consumption takes place in residences and workplaces, and a large part of this energy is also produced by human factors.

Therefore, solar energy is the most accessible and cost-effective energy without using world resources.

In addition to our group companies that contribute to increasing efficiency in industrial investments with the right insulation, our group company, which tries to minimize energy costs by making use of solar energy, works in harmony and continues its activities in order to minimize human-oriented energy accessibility and costs.

Therefore, it is aimed to reach solar energy, which is the cheapest, cleanest, most efficient, easiest to produce and most profitable energy source for our group, at affordable costs, and to contribute to the future of our world in the name of environmental awareness.

Our commercial activities with foreign companies, which we started with this understanding, continue to increase solar energy panels and facilities, our role as a supplier to companies that establish solar power plants, our business partnerships are increasing day by day and the volume is growing.